Haunted School

Eiffel Chong’s photographic series of local seascapes captures light in a manner evocative of Dutch Master oil paintings. The lucid photographs at first seem too still, too clear, too silent.

They reveal Chong’s talent for peacefully capturing the often-neglected spaces between private and public land, hinting towards man as a producer, rather than a consumer. Each picture gives something away as to man’s influence over the space; whether this is a buoy, boat, or seemingly abandoned pier. Even the image itself is a product of man; in so much that it has been the subject of the artist’s gaze.

Viewing all images, stretched alongside one another panoramically, is reminiscent of being by the sea, looking out onto the seemingly endless horizon that only coastal landscapes can evoke. This feeling is carefully crafted by Chong, who balances the same proportion of sea to sky in each of the images, which are mainly differentiated by the manifold colours of the sea.

He aims to bring us at one with Nature through this series of photographs, reminding us that we are not apart from Nature, but rather that we are a part of it.

  • 1.kep
  • Kep
  • 2.pulau bintan
  • Pulau Bintan
  • 3.teluk bahang
  • Teluk Bahang
  • 4.pantai teluk molek
  • Pantai Teluk Molek
  • 5.tanjung bidara
  • Tanjung Bidara
  • 6.pantai redang 2
  • Pantai Redang 2
  • 7.Bagan Ajam 1
  • Bagan Ajam 1
  • 8.yuk saai shek
  • Yuk Saai Shek
  • 9.kampung tanjung rhu 1
  • Kampung Tanjung Rhu 1
  • 10.kampung tanjung rhu 2
  • Kampung Tanjung Rhu 2
  • 11.hong kong 1
  • Hong Kong 1
  • 12.hong kong 2
  • Hong Kong 2
  • 13.Pantai Batu Hitam 1
  • Pantai Batu Hitam 1
  • 14.Pantai Batu Hitam 2
  • Pantai Batu Hitam 2
  • 15.pantai cermin
  • Pantai Cermin
  • 16.sekinchan
  • Sekinchan
  • 17.kampung sungai sekawang
  • Kampung Sungai Sekawang
  • 18.tanjung keling
  • Tanjung Keling
  • 19.teluk pelandok
  • Teluk Pelandok
  • 20.tanjong sepat 3
  • Tanjong Sepat 3